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Ekranoplan [26 Jun 2015|09:10pm]
randomdreams I thought of you. :D
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Hardcore Pornography [11 Jun 2015|08:29pm]
Hardcore Machining Pornography, that is.

khallis, randomdreams, project_mayhem_... I got something I think you're going to like... :D

6:50 aw yeah... I got your rigid broaching operation RIGHT HERE!

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Bloody Stupid New Mexico Plant Life [23 May 2015|10:41am]
[ mood | pollinated ]

Weeds. Grrrrr. Arrrrgh.

When it rains here, as it has been for like the last month, the plants take full advantage of it.

I now have a 150 gallon trash can full to the top with weeds.

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Fury Road [18 May 2015|10:39am]
[ mood | chipper ]

Every time I saw a trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road, I quietly said "I hope that doesn't suck."

I've been burned by sequels and reboots and the like before. So my level of hope was "doesn't suck".

This was far, far beyond "doesn't suck". To the point where I'm looking at not merely seeing it again, but actually paying for one of the "upgraded experiences", a'la moving seats, IMAX, or the RPX sound thing.

So... Yeah. It was actually good. I am very happy with it. :)

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[19 Mar 2015|07:51pm]
Fuck fuckin' thieves.

That is all.
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Virtualisation infrastructure help? [24 Feb 2015|11:59am]
Anyone out there with experience in small / medium scale virtualisation infrastructure, ideally with Dell hardware and Citrix XenServer?

I'm looking at two servers with one external storage unit, or possibly just two servers with onboard storage. One of the current metal systems I'm looking to move to VM is a database which currently is on a machine with eight 73GB 10k drives (so, lots of fast spindles) that still manages to eat a lot of IOPS at times.

One of my concerns is running out of IOPS and choking out other VMs. Maybe that's not a concern, I have no idea. That's really the problem here, I have no idea. Fuck, I'm starting to feel like I have no idea what I'm doing about anything. Yeesh.
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"Welcome Home, Ogre!", or: "What The Fuck, Albuquerque?" [02 Jan 2015|11:58pm]
Cut so Goreyballerina has the option to avoid a story which she may find triggering of irritating memoriesCollapse )

Shockingly enough, I chose not to leave my name or number.
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Birthday call of mystery! [01 Dec 2014|09:20am]
So, someone called me on my birthday, on Thursday. While I was on the plane, and my phone was off. And left a message. Which sadly didn't include a name, or a return phone number... So, if whoever that was is reading this, thanks for the birthday wishes, whoever you were!
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I support gay marriage. [17 Oct 2014|10:37pm]

Congratulations to the beautiful brides, C. and L. :)
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Maybe there's something to this "rape culture" thing after all. [29 Sep 2014|02:51pm]
Among the police, anyway.

In less than two months, three Oklahoma police officers have been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting women while on duty. One of the officers, state trooper Eric Roberts, was accused of raping women he pulled over for traffic violations. In the wake of this, Tulsa news station KJRH interviewed Oklahoma Highway Patrol Captain George Brown about how women can ensure they won't meet a similar fate.

His response?

First and foremost: Do your part, and do what it takes to obey the traffic laws and not get stopped.
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Yay! Bigotry! [02 Sep 2014|06:20pm]
Sprouts put up a "No Observant Muslims: Please Leave Hijab in Car" sign on the door.

I guess I won't be shopping there any more.


Oh, no, wait. That would be illegal. It was actually a "No Firearms" sign. Which isn't illegal. But is still offensive. I get my bigotries confused, sometimes.
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How is it that some insecty things (cockroaches, centipedes) are so amazingly disgusting and horrible and creepy, while others (jumping spiders, baby praying mantises) are so goddamn cute?
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[02 Aug 2014|08:16am]
One link led to another, and now here:
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Lucy [29 Jul 2014|12:05pm]
S. and I went to go see Lucy last Friday for date night.

It was unpleasantly like a Neal Stephenson novel.

"What's unpleasant about a Neal Stephenson novel?"

"You ask a glass of water."

No, wait. Wrong joke.

It was a really good movie, right up to the very last bit, when it just sort of... stopped.

"OK! Movie's over now! Go home!"

"But... What about the ending?"

"What, you didn't see the credits start rolling or something?"

"Well, yes, but..."

"See, the movie ended. Therefore, it has an ending. The end."

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Wild Bloody Kingdom [27 Jul 2014|06:00am]
Goddamn Mutual of Omaha action over here.

Rabbits, a bazillion fire ants, cute little lizards, regular crickets, horrifying Jerusalem crickets, gigantic moths that make me think I need to be on the lookout for Godzilla, sure. I knew all that was here at the shop. What I had no idea that we had were frogs. What the hell, man?

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[17 Jul 2014|06:45pm]
If Swamp Thing was the rage state of a normal human, would that make him a lichenthrope?
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[10 Jul 2014|08:39am]
Getting to listen to the "industrial" Pandora station while getting an MRI is like getting newly remixed songs!


"And you bite! The hand! That feeds you!"


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The ManualPad? [12 Jun 2014|02:26pm]
So, as most of you probably already know, I have a lot of older cars. Most of the time, good service manuals for these vehicles are either only available either as exorbitantly expensive reprints, or as CDs with PDFs on them. You get precisely one guess as to which option I choose.

The issue is, it's a frickin' pain in the arse to drag a computer around the shop with me. So, I'm wondering if anyone can make experience based recommendations for inexpensive but good, or more expensive but worth-the-extra-cost tablets. (Whatever the generic Xerox Kleenex Band-aid version of an iPad is called. Tablets, right?) My main concerns are

A.) Being able to read PDFs on the thing

B.) Being able to get the PDFs *onto* the thing.

People who deal with children regularly: If you have any insights as to devices which meet those criteria, and happen to also be ruggedized, that would be extra swank. :D
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Ok guys, time to step it up. [14 Mar 2014|07:48pm]
manintheboat, project_mayhem_, thewronghands, I'm looking at y'all here.

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Vector rebuild blog. [20 Feb 2014|04:01am]
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